Sustainability, Veganism – Has Caring Become a Trend?

I am so proud of people today. We are becoming aware of the terrible path we as humanity have been on, and we are starting to do something about it. But have we really changed or is this just a trend?


All of a sudden it became cool to be a vegan. Seven years ago when I became a vegetarian, people couldn’t understand why I would ever choose to live like that. I was judged and made fun of. Now in 2018, I see vegan recipes, vegan clothing, and vegan vloggers everywhere, and people comment with admiration when I tell them I am vegan. So has it just become cool? Or are people actually starting to care? Caring about the environment, animals, and their own health. I am so happy that more people are becoming vegan, and I think it could have such a positive impact on the world. If nothing else, at least people are learning to live a more healthy lifestyle for a while.


This has been such a long time coming. The world is polluted like crazy! I was first introduced to the topic of sustainability in fall of 2017 from a gen ed course I had to take, Environmental Issues & Sustainable Solutions. The class introduced me to so many issues I didn’t know the world was facing, and how I as a consumer am a big contribute to the problems. As 2018 rolled along, I began to hear more people talk about sustainability. It was even on the news! Plastic bags and straws are being banned, awareness is being given to the trashed beaches around the world, and sustainable technology is being advertised.

I hope and pray that this is not a trend. What we are seeing happen, is people starting to CARE. Care for our planet, our animals, our future, and our own bodies. I have heard skeptics call this a trend, and those are most likely the people holding us back. I believe people are truly starting to see that we need to make a change, and make it now.

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