5 Tips on How to Read through the Bible

I have been trying to read through the Bible in a year! I have tried to do this several times, but always seem to give up for one reason or another. Here are some things I have found to be helpful this time around!

  1. Make a Plan. How long is it going to take? A year? Or one chapter a day? Straight through or chronological? I have been trying read through the whole Bible in a year using a chronological plan.
  2. Find a Buddy. Have someone do it with you! You can keep track of one another and remind each other to read. Having another person doing it, also helps show that you are capable of doing it too. My boyfriend is reading the Bible along with me this year, and since he has been doing so well it motivates me to continue too.
  3. Write Stuff Down. Writing down your thoughts and questions while reading helps to keep you focused and it makes it more interesting. I have a journal Bible so I can write down my thoughts and questions right beside the scripture.
  4. Talk About It. Now take your questions you wrote down and ask your buddy! You will have questions, and you will want answers so ask someone! It can be your buddy or someone you think would know. Chances are you won’t get a solid answer, but it always helps to hear someone else’s opinion.
  5. DON’T STOP. Just keep going. It is so easy to just give up when you reach books like Numbers and Deuteronomy, but push through, it will get more interesting soon. Also, if you skip a day, a week, or even a month, don’t stop. Keep going from where you left off, and read twice as much a day if you need, you’ll finish.

One thought on “5 Tips on How to Read through the Bible

  1. Today I just finished the whole bible through! I prefer to listen to it though and I had a good recording. Now to go back through and study deeper. It took me since the start of this year. It would have been far quicker but I listen to You Tube videos too!

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