Do I have to go to Church?

As I was getting ready last Sunday morning, I was exhausted, and I was thinking about why I feel like I have to go to church. Then I thought of the phrase,

“Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian.”

That is one hundred percent true, people can go to church and not follow God’s word every other day of the week. So then I tried to flip those words around and see if it would still be true…

“Not going to church doesn’t mean you are not a Christian.” 

I wan’t quite as sure about that one. So I started thinking, maybe it’s all about intention.

Someone may not feel like they need to go to church. Maybe they learn and worship God in another way. Then I feel like it’s fine for them not to go to church. I think God it totally okay with that.

But for instance, for me, church is a place where I learn and worship God. It is a special time set apart to strengthen my relationship with God. Therefore, if I choose to not go to church one day, I don’t think that’s okay. If I choose sleeping in over spending time with God then I don’t think God would be very happy.

Thats how I concluded, while still very sleepy, that I have to go to church.