2018 Reflection

It has been months since I have posted, due to the hectic semester this fall. As the new year begins, I would like to begin writing consistently again, starting off with a reflection on my 2018.

Looking back on this past year, I realized how much I have done. I have never felt so accomplished looking back on a year than I do with 2018. Although not everything was perfect, I learned so much and had many incredible experienced.


  • I celebrated my one year anniversary with my boyfriend.


  • Began the second semester of interning at an elementary school.


  • Traveled to Miami, FL on a service trip! It was one of the best weeks I’ve ever had because of the amazing people I got to know on the trip. This trip was also when I decided I wanted to work in mission’s sometime in the future.


  • Got my first apartment!
  • Decided to go vegan.


  • Traveled to California with my boyfriend and his family.
  • Started a job at a nursing home that I love!


  • Went to a Nat’s game.
  • Saw Harry Styles in concert.
  • Had some much needed family time.


  • Spent my birthday week with my best friend.
  • Went to TWO O’s games.
  • Had a rainy camping trip with my family.
  • Left for BOLIVA for 2 weeks!! It was an incredible experience to serve and learn in Bolivia.


  • Came home from Bolivia to a surprise visit from my wonderful boyfriend.
  • Moved in to my apartment!


  • Began my last semester of college classes.
  • Went to an ED SHEERAN concert!


  • Took a long weekend in Florida and enjoyed the beach.


  • Had some quality friendship time with a fun fall photoshoot.
  • Mostly studied A LOT
  • Led a group at a nursing home, and got to know the nice ladies.


  • Took my last final exams ever!
  • Traveled to Ohio and Pittsburg, PA
  • Finally, ended the year in NC!


2018 was probably the most stressful year I have had (I did not write the negatives that happened, which there was plenty), but it was also the best. It just shows how much stepping out of your comfort zone can add such value and experience to your life!



Introducing Me

As I gain more followers, I want to let everyone a little about the person that has been writing what they are reading!

  • My name is Jessica, I prefer Jess.
  • I am a vegetarian, and I a striving vegan.
  • I am a follower of Christ. I do my best to shape my life around my faith.
  • I am a senior social work major. I can’t wait to get done with school and actually start doing things!
  • I want to travel the world (well duh, everyone does) (But literally… every country would be ideal).
  • Mission’s trips are my favorite thing. My passion in life is helping people and the planet!
  • I love to read, but don’t always have time or energy.
  • I need sleep or it’s just not good…
  • However, I’m trying to become a morning person.
  • I come off as shy, but I’m not at all. I guess I’m just picky about who I share my thoughts with.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my blog! I appreciate you all!


How I Learned to Love the Elderly

A little bit of background, I am a social work major. Social work is a helping profession, and social workers can work with any population! Youth, mental health, disability, veterans, minorities, immigrants, elderly, abuse victims, prisoners… just about anyone who needs help, it can be a social workers job to help them. Most social workers pick one population to work with and focus on. At first, I thought I wanted to work with kids, but then I found many other groups of people to be interesting as well. I didn’t know how I was going to choose… but I did know one thing…

I did not want to work with old people. 

When I imagined working with the elderly, I pictured a nursing home hallway lined with people in wheelchairs sitting there drooling or grumbling. I do not like the idea of a full grown person’s drool.

Despite how much I did not want to work with the elderly, I applied for a summer job working at a nursing home. It was my best option to get some experience related to my field. However, I never got a response from the nursing home.

Months later, the next spring semester, I had to choose an internship. My first choice involving criminal justice did not work out. With not many options left, I chose a hospice organization. More old people, really?

Only a few weeks later, I get a call. It is the nursing home I applied to a year ago offering me the job. It seemed to me like a sign that I did right by choosing hospice.

Initially, I did not enjoy the job. My job would be to go to different residents houses or apartments and do whatever it is they need. I could help them get ready for bed, cook them dinner, take care of their pets, or just keep them company. It was my first time ever working with the elderly, and my first few residents were rather difficult. I realized how difficult it can be to communicate with someone who has dementia and even 90 year old men can be pervs.

After a few weeks of getting to know the job, I fell in love with it. I made sure to not work with old man pervs anymore, and I tried to stick with a few people who I really enjoyed working with.

All in all, this summer I met a wonderful man with alzheimer’s disease who always laughs at me, and he can be pretty funny too. I met a couple in their 90’s who have been married for 72 years, and still love each other so much. I met an elderly hispanic lady who always told me I was “muy bonita.” I met a female marine who loves cats and has a twin sister. I had countless people grandmother me, trying to buy me food. The elderly are actually wonderful people to get to know, besides, we are all going to be just like them someday.

Although, it will be sad, I look forward to working with hospice in a few months. I now feel well prepared to handle all the challenges working with the elderly brings.