Looking Back on Belize

I went on a week long mission’s trip to Belize the summer after I graduated high school. It’s been two years now, and I’ve learned so much since then.

I went along with my youth group to Belize through and organization called Praying Pelican Missions. (btw I love this organization)

Looking back on this trip, I wonder what impact we really made.

My youth group was in charge of leading a VBS at a small church in Belize for three days. We also packed together some meals and distributed them to homes throughout the community. I enjoyed spending time with the youth so much, and I really did form some great relationships…. but what now?

I’ve been thinking that what we did was so temporary. We gave the youth one fun week, but we didn’t give them anything that would allow them to continue improving their lifestyle. Nothing was sustainable. We didn’t do anything that would’ve led to us coming back to Belize a year later and seeing growth and improvement in the community.

Actually, I realize I didn’t and I still don’t know in what areas Belize needs to improve on.  What was their “problem” anyway? Why did we go to Belize and not some other country?

Now of course, Belize has their poverties, and I’m so happy to have served there.

However, I would have liked to know more. Prior to students or anyone going on mission’s trips like these they should be taught about the specific culture and what sort of poverties the people may be experiencing. Are they malnourished? Experiencing the aftermath of a natural disaster? Or are we just there to talk about God?

Too often, Christians go in helping blindly.. thinking they can save they day without ever asking what the problem is.